Taking the example of three people, we take a look at what is today's Samoa: it is in a field of tension between tradition and modernity, trying to find an economic place in the world. The protagonists are wanderers between two cultural and social systems: modern New Zealand and Samoa with a social system based on strong traditional structures.

The film comes very close to these people, because there is a lasting friendship between them, the director and the author. He will therefore develop in close cooperation with them and, not least, show a realistic picture of Samoa, far from clichéd representations of a heavenly holiday destination.
Plot Summary
"Destination Samoa Reloaded" continues as a continuation of a story that began more than 20 years ago, from the lives of three Samoans who are migrants between Samoa and New Zealand, between tradition and modernity in search of their cultural identity. The Pe'a, a large-scale tattoo plays a special role here.

Destination Samoa - reloaded

Ein Projekt von Ortrud Krickau und Markus Hüsgen – Realisation. TusitalaMovies

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