in the Lower Saxony state elections in 2013, Meinhart Ramaswamy was the top candidate of the Pirate Party, in a phase when his party had just achieved great success, but it was also increasingly dealing with internal scandals - for Ramaswamy a difficult starting position for his election campaign.

What can he do himself, what can the party do against the downtrend? The filmmaker Rolf Husmann, a close friend of the candidate since his studies, accompanied Ramaswamy for six months in the election campaign.

This resulted in a film that shows politicians and private people in this stressful half year.

Again and again both speak in front of the camera about the election campaign itself, but also on the question of how far it is possible to create a special personal closeness with the filming.

This film shows the way of a committed citizen in politics, his ideals, his rise - and in the end poses the question of failure.

A project of Dr. Rolf Husmann and Markus Hüsgen

Realization: TusitalaMovies