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05 Mar 2024

Tag: Video

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TKS – A Telling Name To Rely On

TKS is an international specialist for refurbishment and initial equipment in the European brand hotel industry. The company is considered the originator and market leader for the delivery of turnkey services. The offer includes planning and ...
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School of Sustainability

  The "School of Sustainability" is a communication and exchange platform that presents the World Heritage Site of the Upper Harz Water Management and the Harz National Park as a learning location. Central to the learning concept is the concept of ...
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Permanaut - Roman Czychi - Personnel Consulting and Coaching Permanaut finds its professionals and executives (Executive Search & Recruiting), supports their integration (Employer Coaching) as well as the healthy letting go (development of separation competence ...
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Psychiatry - case studies

Realization of Video Case Studies for Psychiatry Education / Studies at the UMG (University Medical Center Göttingen) with actors on the following topics: ADHD, alcohol, addiction, borderline, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, sex therapy with 5 cameras. Duration of...
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Perspective wanted

Looking for a perspective - Refugees seek a future In Göttingen, numerous refugees with subordinate access to the labor market live. They have different starting conditions, different ones...
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Psychosomatics - case studies

Realization of Video 8 Case Studies for Psychosomatics Education / Studies at the UMG (University Medicine Göttingen) with actors on various topics with 5 cameras. Duration of case studies between 13 and 32 minutes. A...