„In the beginning there was a room. Then we started talking about the possibilities. And then there was no room. And then there was…“ more about on  https://parasolproductions.eu and https://www.facebook.com/ParasolProductions

Anything is possible. A door opens to reveal a shabby room in a seedy hotel („The Brighton Rock“), somewhere in the South of England – presenting a series of strange tales. A lover aiming to regain his mistress, a lonely man celebrating life, a woman exacting a chilling revenge, an author in search of the perfect pitch, a married couple, an old-fashioned fiancé, a cheese lover, a grim reaper, a hillbilly band, a time traveller. Each story is different because each customer is different. There are twists and mixed genres, ranging from film noir through to horror, comedy, and science fiction – each narrative requiring a specific treatment through the entire spectrum from black to really colourful.

Ladies and gentlemen, finally and straight from the editing suite comes the trailer for our new film. No expense or effort were spared in order to provide you, our viewer, with the best experience possible when catching a first glimpse of „Room To Roam“. Hitting the screens in 2023.


World Premiere 22.11.2022 Cinema Meliès

HNA Interview

2024 Room To Roam has been selected at European Film Festival in Barcelona!

Room To Roam Trailer

Written by Saffron Clark and Oliver Clark – a feature film based in the room of a second-rate hotel, featuring the third-rate activities of assorted guests, ghosts and visitors.

A project of Oliver Clark, S.D.  Clark und Markus Hüsgen united in Parasol Production

Parasol Productions are a creative collective: working collaboratively, utilising their writing, directing, filming and performing talents to develop independent projects across a variety of genres. These include drama, documentaries, comedy and stand up.


DOP,  Filming,  Sound and Colourgrading   TusitalaMovies

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